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Uganda being the Pearl of Africa is a country swarmed with a profusion of picturesque wonders, most of them in or close to the National Parks in Uganda.  A tour in Uganda will offer you an opportunity to see the breathtaking scenery in this country.

The legendary Rwenzori Mountains, the spectacular Virunga Volcanoes, the stunning lakes like Lake Bunyonyi as well as Lake Mutanda, River Nile and one of the most strongest waterfall on the planet – the Murchison Falls.

Whenever you visit the Pearl of Africa you will see the beautiful scenery just as a coffee-table book. Whichever place you go to you will find out that is among the most breathtaking countries across the African continent.

Uganda embassy promotes Tourism in Washington DC | Kibale forest

“Uganda’s share of North American tourism market is set to expand following the partnership with the National Tour Association (NTA), a leading player in the travel industry in North America,” Oliver Wonekha, Uganda’s Ambassador to the United States, and Stephen B. Reacher, NTA’s Public Affairs Advocate at Uganda Embassy, Washington, D.C said.

Wonekha noted that although Uganda has some of Africa’s best tourist attractions, the number of tourists from North America visiting the country hasn’t matched this potential, a recent statement issued by the Embassy said.

She, however, noted that after emerging from a difficult past, Uganda has seen increased investment in tourism infrastructure such as hotels in cities and game parks, access roads, boosting security in and around the tourist attractions.

She said the Embassy is working together with the Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities; Uganda Tourism Board (UTB); Uganda Wildlife Authority and the Association of Uganda Tour Operators (AUTO) to increase the country’s visibility as a unique tourist destination.

Wonekha also said a surge in American tourists to Uganda will also positively impact on other sectors of the economy.

“For instance, with 30 percent of American tourists also in search for investment opportunities, the volume of investments from the United States to Uganda will result in new investments in various sectors. She also said the recently launched East Africa Tourist Visa has already gained appreciation across the travel industry as an important milestone in the region’s tourism.

NTA is a leading business-building association for professionals serving customers travelling to, from and within North America, with a membership of over 1,500 tour operators who buy and package travel products to over 600 destinations around the world, and has unprecedented access to business-to-business networking in the travel industry.

Mr. Steve Reacher said the partnership will enable North American tour operators, airlines and other players in the travel industry to work closely with their Ugandan counterparts so as to market Uganda as a favourable destination for North Americans. He also noted that Africa is the most misunderstood continent—its diversity in terms history, cultures, peoples, and available opportunities. However, those who travel to Africa gain a completely new understanding of the continent, and always want to include Africa on their travel menu.

In November 2014, Uganda is scheduled to host the 39th Annual Congress of the Africa Travel Association (ATA) in Kampala, an opportunity for Uganda to showcase her tourism potential, and for local tour operators to develop partnerships with their counterparts in North America.

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Kenya Airlines compites with Ethipian Airlines | parc des volcanoes

A  few months ago Kenya Airways  launched their largest aircraft in the fleet, a 400 seat B777-300ER, one of the innovations on board was internet connectivity, which comes on when the aircraft flies at 10.000 feet and above.

During the demonstration flight did Kenya Airways’ marketing team on board show off how this will revolutionize travel as passengers can opt to remain connected and work, or else keep their friend informed on their position via social media postings.

The next deliveries of yet more of these aircraft, and of course the arrival of the B787 Dreamliner, also equipped with in flight internet connectivity, will change the game in the air and it is of little surprise therefore that closest rival on the African continent, Ethiopian Airlines, is now taking a fresh look at adding this feature on their long haul fleet too, after previously opting out of it.

Information coming out of Addis Ababa has confirmed that the airline is now in talks with service providers and if the go ahead is received the entire B777 and B787 fleet will be progressively fitted and retrofitted with the system.

Talk about competition being good for the passengers – this clearly is a prime example where the innovation of one airline spurs another to come to level terms again.

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Computer faults causes delays at UK Airports | Mountain Gorilla tour

Passengers entering the UK through air and seaports continued to face delays this morning as an IT glitch struck the Border Defence computer system.

Border guards were unable to scan passports, being forced to input data manually, from late last night, with long queues developing at Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted and Birmingham airports.

Seaports at Dover and Southampton were also affected.

A statement from immigration minister James Brokenshire this morning said: “The current situation is much improved and we are doing our best to keep waiting times to a minimum during this morning’s busy period.

“We apologise for any delays but security must remain our priority at all times.”

The delays had a particular impact on non-EU passengers, with extra Border Force staff were called in to try to reduce the queuing time.

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