Heathrow Airport passengers face luggage chaos | Gorilla trekking price

Passengers who are travelling out of Heathrow Terminal 5 are facing the prospect of being separated from their luggage due to technical problems.

The airport has posted a statement on its website apologising to affected passengers and promising to resolve the matter as soon as possible:

A statement reveals: “We are experiencing intermittent issues with the Terminal 5 baggage system which has caused some bags to be processed manually.

“While passengers can currently check-in bags our engineers are still working to identify the root cause of the problems. Passengers may wish to carry essential items in hand baggage where possible.

“Manual processing has led to some bags not making flights in time.

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Two Brits on a safari killed in Turkish road accident | cheap tours in Rwanda

The Turkish Ministry of Tourism & Culture has confirm the death of two British nationals, Alison May Conroy and Valerie Ann Olton, in Seydikemer in Fethiye province.

The pair died while on a jeep safari.

Also injured in the same accident were Michael Simon Dennis (seriously injured) and Charles Jonathan Belsham, as well as the driver and two other Turkish nationals, who are currently undergoing treatment in local hospitals.

In a statement officials said: “The Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism offers its condolences to the family and friends of the deceased and also sends it wishes for a speedy recovery to the injured individuals.

“The Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism takes such accidents very seriously and is taking the necessary action to have it thoroughly investigated by the relevant authorities in Turkey.”

Turkey is the world’s sixth most popular tourism destination with 37.8 million people travelling there in 2013, of which 2.51 million travelled from the UK, with the vast majority enjoying a safe and incident-free holiday.

An open-top vehicle crashed into a telegraph pole as the group returned from a day trip to the Saklikent Gorge.

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Uganda Tourism starts hotel grading | Hostels in Kampala

Almost by stealth did the long awaited hotel grading exercise in Uganda go underway, using the three year old East African regulations on grading and classifying hotels and other accommodation establishments.

Several teams of ‘graders’ have already gone through some 30 hotels in and around Kampala before extending the exercise to upcountry locations.

While not always received well by poorly informed hotel owners or managers, who perhaps have not understood that their participation, willing or unwilling is mandatory, most visits have yielded good results as it was learned, even considering the challenges the teams have to complete a full review especially of larger hotels, given the extensive catalogue of criteria, within the allocated timeframe.

Current Hotel Owner’s Association President Mrs. Susan Muhwezi recently went on record urging fellow hotel owners to fully cooperate with the grading so that at last Ugandan hotels can be brought in line with hotels across the East African region, where, depending on country, the exercise is more or less advanced except for Kenya where it is yet to start due to a lack of funds having been allocated.

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Cheap Uganda safaris | affordable uganda tours

The Savannah Parks of Uganda have a profusion of wildlife for tourists to see. Kidepo Valley Park which is the most distant and less visited in East Africa is turning out more and even more famous even though arriving there isn’t easy unless you are flying there. The most visited game park in Uganda is Murchison Falls National where you will have an added advantage of seeing the powerful waterfall and along the way you can as well track Rhinos in the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary on foot.

The Ishasha area in Queen Elizabeth Park of East Africa is finest place to see the Tree Climbing Lions. In Uganda you will be able to see the different wildlife most the internationally renowned Mountain Gorillas in both Bindi forest and Mgahinga national park, Mangabey Monkeys, Chimpanzees and Golden Monkeys in Kibale Forest.

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Tourism in Zanzibar | Gorilla trekking experience

The number of tourists visiting the Isles last year was relatively low although no statistics have been provided so far.

During press conference held in Zanzibar aimed at revealing the review of legal and policy framework on safety and security in Zanzibar, ZATI chairperson Mr Abdulsamad Said informed journalists that insecurity is to blame for the low number of tourists received in the area.

“Attacks on tourists, and irresponsible media coverage scares tourists. We kindly ask the media to be more responsible when reporting on Zanzibar,” said Abdulsamad.

He said, “It is a fact that some tourists have been beaten and robbed and there were explosions in Zanzibar.

But the way the incidents were reported hurt Zanzibar.” He said current laws are not friendly to tourism, for example, “When a tourists is attacked, normally suspects are arrested and charged in Court without the victims being present.

Normally the victims are rushed back to their respective homes, making it difficult to provide sufficient evidence.

Abdulsamad emphasized a review of the laws including allowing witnesses through video conference. Tourism is the leading foreign earner accounting for more than 80 per cent.

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Rwanda to get a new genocide museum in Kigali | Rwanda Budget tours

Rwanda will be launching a new museum at the end of the 100 days  of mourning  the million  lives lost during the genocide. This museum will be at the national Parliament of Kigali. It will be two decades since the genocide happened in the Land of hundred hills.

The Parliament has always been a museum of its own with bullet holes from the final days of liberation. It also shows the two Army soldiers operating a heavy machine gun that was used to first contain and stop attempts by Genocide

With time, Rwanda Development Board will be also launching the liberation Museum and this will be at the Former RPA command Centre in Mulindi. It was this building that was used before between 1990 to 1994 to liberate Rwanda.  Once these are launched then Rwanda will officially have 3 National museums to include the Kigali Genocide Memorial which has now become one of the famous places visited by foreigners who come toRwanda for Safaris and also business.

Despite the fact that the genocide militias and remnants of the former regime army pose a threat they are still holed up across the border in Eastern Congo which is a big threat to this land of a thousand hills. The United Nationals and also the Congolese army Is aware of their existence they are still left to   untouched.

As Rwanda continues to mark the 20th anniversary of the genocide memorial, this has been and continues to be marked by a number of event and among these are;  lecture series, events to deal with the genocide mentality and the root causes of genocides that have been committed all around the world till July 1st.

Therefore come July 1st, visitors to Rwanda will have another Museum to visit in Mulindi for a clearer picture of Rwanda’s historic liberation.

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