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QZ8501: Spotted in the ocean- Objects that resemble an emergency slide ...

Indonesia TV shows footage of objects in the sea, possibly parts of the missing AirAsia jet.

Objects that resemble an emergency slide, plane door, and a square box-like item have been spotted 10 km from the last position of the missing AirAsia jet, according to Indonesian authorities.

“We spotted about 10 big objects and many more small white-colored objects which we could not photograph,” Indonesian Air Force official Agus Dwi Putranto said at a press conference.

Several victims have been spotted in the search zone of the missing AirAsia flight, the Indonesian Navy stated. Objects resembling parts of the plane were seen in the same area.

“There was a man swaying on the waves. After I looked at the photo carefully on my laptop, I understood it was a human body,” a lieutenant of the Indonesian Air Force told local media.

Meanwhile, Indonesian authorities are checking if what they saw are bodies or survivors, navy officials stated.

All sighted suspected debris will be collected and sent to Pangkalanbun town, the Indonesian search agency chief says.

The Indonesian search agency chief said he’s 95% sure debris off the Kalimantan coast is from the missing AirAsia jet.

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OSHA Travel Policy to affect everyone, not just business travelers

A report from the US Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) says that it is the responsibility of employers and employees to ensure travel health before, during, and after any type of travel, regardless of whether the trip is business related.

According to estimates provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 35% of all travel is business related, but travel related diseases have an equal spread across all demographics due to a lack of proper pre-travel medical care.

“The failure of travelers to receive preventive medication results in unnecessary illness, medical expense, and the potential spread of contagious diseases within their local communities,” says the report. Employers are encouraged to identify employees who may travel internationally and to refer them to qualified health care professionals for the purpose of providing helpful travel health information and vaccinations that could protect both traveling employees and others in the workplace environment.

Employees traveling to developing countries or high risk areas are asked to take specific precautions by OSHA and the CDC, including:

• Speak with a travel health specialist and receive any necessary vaccinations and preventative medicines.

• Be sure to receive booster vaccinations against any disease for which immunity may have diminished over the years such as: yellow fever, tetanus, and/or typhoid fever.

• Do not handle animals in the region, especially monkeys, dogs and cats to avoid bites and potentially contracting rabies.

• Drink bottled or boiled water, and avoid tap water or ice that may be contaminated.

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UN: NUMBER OF PEOPLE AFFECTED BY EBOLA | Budget Rwanda gorilla tours

West Africa: People Affected By Ebola Tops 20,000 - UN - AfricanSeer ...

The head of the United Nations Ebola emergency response mission is set to open a treatment facility in Liberia near the Sierra Leonean border during a visit to review where the UN can do more to help, as the World Health Organization (WHO) today reported that more 20,000 people have now become infected by the virus.

According to the latest WHO update, as of 27 December, 20,081 people have been reported infected with 7,842 deaths.

Anthony Banbury, the Head the UN Mission for the Ebola Emergency Response (UNMEER) was to begin his two-day visit to Liberia today “as part of his final tour of the three countries most affected by the Ebola Virus Disease outbreak. In each country, he will review progress in the fight against Ebola and areas where the UN can do more to help,” UNMEER reported.

While in Liberia, Mr. Banbury‘s will travel to Grand Cape Mount County for the opening of a new 50-bed Ebola Treatment Unit in an area that has reported six confirmed cases near the Sierra Leone border this month. UNMEER has been working closely with the Governments of Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone is coordinating cross-border efforts to fight Ebola.

Appointed in September, Mr. Banbury is ending his tour of duty on 3 January 2015. He will be succeeded by Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed of Mauritania.

The UN Population Fund (UNFPA) today announced that the so-called “CommCare” technology has been chosen to support the Guinean Government Response Plan against Ebola in order to obtain timely and reliable information as well as facilitate contact tracing.

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BODIES FROM AIRASIA’S FLIGHT QZ8501 | Budget Rwanda gorilla tours

... Bodies From Missing AirAsia’s Flight QZ8501 Recovered From Java Sea

Pictures of floating bodies were broadcast on television as relatives of the missing passengers from AirAsia Flight QZ8501 gathered at the crisis center at Juanda International Airport in Surabaya. Some screamed, some began to wail, some were just holding their heads in their hands, and one man collapsed and had to be taken out on a stretcher.

National Search and Rescue Director SB Supriyadi told reporters in the nearest town of Pangkalan Bun that several bodies had been recovered intact but swollen and brought to an Indonesian navy ship. The corpses were not wearing life jackets.

Search and rescue teams were lowered on ropes from a hovering helicopter to retrieve corpses found in the Java Sea near Borneo island. It has been reported that so far 6 bodies have been found of which 3 have been recovered.

Search operation head Bambang Soelistyo said he was 95% certain the objects shown were from the plane, adding that a shadow spotted under water appeared to be in the shape of a plane.

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USA-CUBA | Budget Rwanda vacations

Caribbean Tourism Organization UK & European Travel Industry Trends ...

The recent announcement of a change in diplomatic relations between Cuba and the United States is a welcomed opportunity to increase tourist arrivals to the Caribbean. The US is the region’s largest source market, producing nearly half of its tourism business. Last year the US welcomed over 12 million Americans to its shores. Any opportunity to substantially increase that number will be welcomed.

Cuba is a longstanding and active member of the Caribbean Tourism Organization, having joined the organization in 1992. The US is engaging the destination in its efforts in Canada, Latin America, and Europe, and looks forward to including Cuba in its programs in the United States.

A small but important breakthrough in 2002 was made when the US succeeded in its efforts to secure a visa for the then Coordinator of International Affairs in the country’s Ministry of Tourism, Orlando Rangel Delgado, to attend Caribbean Week in New York. A much broader participation in all CTO-organized events is anticipated.

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2015 LAS VEGAS | Affordable Rwanda safaris

New Year 2015 Las Vegas Fireworks Celebration Pictures

Hospitality, technology, luxury, entertainment, food and beverage, fashion and spa experts are weighing in on what we can expect from Las Vegas in 2015.
Contributors include a wide range of industry insiders from Bellagio, ARIA, MGM Grand, Mandalay Bay, Delano Las Vegas, The Mirage, Monte Carlo, Vdara Hotel & Spa and The Shops at Crystals.

From the rise of music festivals and new takes on alcohol-infused foods to how the destination is pursuing the millennial generation, predictions are in and the forecast for the new year is as enticing as one would expect from this popular travel destination that attracts more than 40 million visitors annually.

Take a glimpse into the future of Las Vegas with a comprehensive look at what to expect in 2015, highlighting the trends below and more:

• Hospitality: Millennials matter, Wellness travel, Social spaces take center stage

• Technology: Everything mobile, Wireless in-room integration, Social and digital gaming

• Luxury: Whimsical luxury, Express luxury, Convenient luxury, High-end casual

• Entertainment: Festivals rule the city

• Food: Unknown fish make it big, Bitter gets bigger, New approaches to booze-inspired food, Inventive cuisine tastes better together

• Beverage: In-house infusions and more, Champagne’s not just for celebrating, Las Vegas emerges as a craft beer destination

• Spa: Immediate results that last, Taking the spa outside

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LAN TO FLY 787-9 DREAMLINER | Camping Uganda gorilla tours


LAN (Chile) 787-8 CC-BBE (04)(Grd) MIA (LC)(LRW)

LAN Airlines, part of LATAM Airlines Group, South America’s largest airline group, recently announced that it will become the first carrier to offer international service to South America on the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner at John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) in New York.

Starting on July 20, 2015, the LAN B787-9 will operate daily, nonstop service from New York to Santiago, Chile. LAN Airlines flight LA 533 will depart JFK daily at 8 p.m. and arrive in Santiago at 6:20 a.m. the following day.

LAN Airlines was the first airline in the Americas to receive the 787-8, as well as the first carrier to offer 787-8 service to South America from airports in Miami and Los Angeles. LAN Airlines’ Boeing 787-9 fleet will carry a total of 313 passengers each way, with a two-class layout featuring 30 Premium Business Class seats and 283 Economy seats and will include the brand new unified long-haul cabin design developed by prestigious international design consulting firm Priestmangoode.

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... asks FCC for permission to block some outside Wi-Fi | Computerworld

The US Federal Communications Commission will soon decide whether to lay down rules regarding hotels’ ability to block personal Wi-Fi hotspots inside their buildings, a practice that recently earned Marriott International a $600,000 fine.

Back in August, Marriott, business partner Ryman Hospitality Properties, and trade group the American Hotel and Lodging Association asked the FCC to clarify when hotels can block outside Wi-Fi hotspots in order to protect their internal Wi-Fi services, reports PC World.

In that petition, the hotel group asked the agency to “declare that the operator of a Wi-Fi network does not violate [U.S. law] by using FCC-authorized equipment to monitor and mitigate threats to the security and reliability of its network,” even when taking action causes interference to mobile devices.

The comment period for the petition ended Friday, so now it’s up to the FCC to either agree to Marriott’s petition or disregard it, reports InfoWorld. The FCC did act in October fining Marriott after customers complained about the practice. In their complaint, customers alleged that employees of Marriott’s Gaylord Opryland Hotel and Convention Center in Nashville used signal-blocking features of a Wi-Fi monitoring system to prevent customers from connecting to the Internet through their personal Wi-Fi hotspots. The hotel charged customers and exhibitors $250 to $1,000 per device to access Marriott’s Wi-Fi network.

Microsoft and Google have recently joined the wireless industry’s lobbying group and a handful of other parties in opposing the hotel industry’s petition. Opponents of the proposal basically argued in filings late Monday that the hotel industry is just trying to keep guests and exhibitors dependent on pricy hotel wireless networks, ReCode reports. They suggested hotels have other options for protecting Wi-Fi networks than jamming personal hotspots.

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American Airlines Emergency Landing (CBS4)

American Airlines flight 916 reported a problem with the aircraft’s cabin pressure, leading to it being diverted from its original flight plan from Bogota, Colombia to Miami, Florida. The aircraft was directed to instead land in Kingston, Jamaica.

Ground crews will need to inspect the Boeing 767 to determine what caused the issue, but a spokesperson for American Airlines said the plane landed without incident and the oxygen masks did not deploy.

The airline is making arrangements to get the 197 passengers to the original Miami destination.

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ASIANS WISHING FOR EXOTIC HOLIDAYS | Budget Uganda gorilla tours


Asians wishing for an exotic Christmas

Asians are found to be least willing to spend Christmas at home, according to the latest global survey. Almost a third of the Asian interviewees (32%) chose to celebrate Christmas away from their home countries, while less than one-fifth of those in Europe (17%), North America (9%) and Latin America (20%) chose to travel abroad during the festive holiday.

The study, which looks into Christmas holiday habits across 28 different countries worldwide, explores the meaning of Christmas in different nations and what festive elements matter the most to them. Although Western countries have a longer Christmas holiday, their inhabitants prefer spending it at home with family and friends. In contrast, people from Asian countries would rather take a holiday escape, with 75% of Chinese interviewees leading all those who plan to travel abroad during Christmas, followed by Indians (67%) and Hongkongers (54%), who come second and third respectively.

In Hong Kong, a third of those interviewed chose to travel abroad as to spend some quality time with their family (29%), while 24% of them want to experience Christmas elsewhere. It may give some clues to their Christmas wishes – having an exotic and heart-warming Christmas with their beloved family.

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