CHINA BABY PHOTO EXPO 2016 | gorilla trekking tips


The China Baby Photo Expo 2016 (Spring) will be held at Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC), located at the intersection of Fangdian and Huamu Roads in Pudong New Area, on February 23-26, 2016. Most exhibitors who plan to be at the show have already registered and filled up the approximately 20,000-square meter exhibition space, 50 percent more space compared to the previous event. More than 200 of the leading companies in the children’s photography sector have chosen the platform as the venue to promote their brands and explore new business opportunities. The expo is expected to attract more than 50,000 professional attendees. By moving to the new venue, the upgraded expo will continue to be the barometer for the industry by creating a one-stop purchase platform with a substantially increased variety of merchandise and new level of customization.

In tandem with the rapid growth of the children’s photography market in the last few years, China Baby Photo Expo has now become a one-stop trade and purchasing platform that provides a venue for new product launches and displays, trade negotiations, business development and information exchanges. The 2016 event will be held in SNIEC’s N1 and W5 pavilions.

With the aim of better servicing exhibitors and buyers, this exhibition is relocating to SNIEC, the global exhibition venue co-invested by China and Germany. The 29th China Wedding Expo will be held concurrently at the same venue, with a total exhibition area of up to 100,000 square meters.

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EU ANNOUNCES NEW SUPPORT FOR MOZAMBIQUE | how to book gorilla permit


Today Commissioner Neven Mimica on behalf of the European Union, with Ms. Nyeleti Brooke Mondlane, Mozambique’s Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, signed an agreement which will provide €734 million to Mozambique.

Under the National Indicative Programme for Mozambique, today European Commissioner for International Cooperation and Development, Neven Mimica on behalf of the European Union, with Ms. Nyeleti Brooke Mondlane, Mozambique’s Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, signed an agreement which will provide €734 million to Mozambique.

Commissioner Neven Mimica said: “There have been significant and positive political and economic developments in Mozambique over the last decades since the end of the civil war in 1992. It is important to build on this progress whilstmaking the best use of Mozambique’s impressive economic potential, notably in the sectors of gas, mining, hydro-energy and agriculture. Mozambique could also benefit enormously from its strategic position in Southern Africa. The key issue today is therefore how to make economic growth inclusive and sustainable, while maintaining political stability.”

The €734 million insupportunder the National Indicative Programme for Mozambique for the period until 2020, will support a range of areas, including the promotion of the democratic system in the country, transparency, accountability and the rule of law and support for public institutions, in line with the Government of Mozambique’s priorities.

Rural development. In this regard, the EU’s support is two-pronged in its approach, to address both inclusive growth and poverty reduction in rural areas. The EU will help to improve food security and nutrition, and on the other hand, to enhance competitiveness amongst producers (through rural electrification and roads for example), in order to foster the conditions for sustainable growth of small and medium-sized enterprises in rural areas.

To strengthen the country’s civil society, many projects are also being carried out with financing from the EU via Non-State Actors, local authorities and the European Instrument of Democratisation and Human Rights (EIDHR).

Mozambique has benefited from its partnership with the European Union with many tangible results, including improved food security. In this regard, in order to buffer the effects of soaring food prices, the EU continues to support the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in improving food security and the livelihood of poor rural agricultural families in Mozambique. 25 thousand farmers have benefitted from subsidised agricultural inputs (seeds and fertilizer) during two consecutive agricultural seasons, leading to an expected 50% increased production of maize and rice.

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Tourism is about safety. What may the loss for Egypt and Turkey, could be the gain for Israel. Israel is investing 2.6 million US Dollar to make sure.

The tourism industry Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt is on the verge of collapse. Russians are no longer traveling to this popular resort town after the downing of a Russian passenger jet. A new political crisis is having Russian tour operators cancel Turkey out of their program.

Israel wants to create an alternative for Russian visitors after Egypt and Turkey is viewed as an unsafe region.

Turkey alone had been welcoming 4.5 million Russian travelers every year.

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FAA: FLY SAFE WITH YOUR DRONE | how to book gorilla permit


You’re heading to the stores on Black Friday to buy that shiny new camera-equipped drone you’ve yearning for. You can’t wait to get into the sky and let loose your inner high-flying aerial photographer, right?

Did you know you’re also going to become a pilot?

When you fly your drone anywhere in the nation’s airspace, you automatically become part of the U.S. aviation system. Under the law, your drone is an aircraft. So while the rules for drones may be different, you have the responsibility to operate safely, just as a Cessna or 747 pilot does.

The FAA has developed this safety checklist that you, as a pilot, should use whenever you send drone into the Wild Blue Yonder. We want you to fly safe, fly smart – and have fun.

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OMAN CONVENTION & EXHIBITION CENTRE | how to book gorilla permit


The Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre (OCEC) has scooped a twin win, being awarded the bid to host the International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) Regionals – Fourth Middle East & Africa Osteoporosis Meeting in 2017, and the Sixth IOF Regionals in 2021.

Announcing the successful win of the conference and noting its importance for the OCEC, Trevor McCartney, the OCEC General Manager commented, “With the completion of Phase Two, comprising two tiered auditoriums, 13 meeting rooms and the Grand and Junior Ballrooms, the OCEC will be able to host conferences, as well as exhibitions, meetings, gala dinners and live events. This will launch a new and exciting phase in Oman’s business events industry, creating wide-ranging contributions towards the economic diversification and development of the Sultanate.”

IOF Regionals Fourth Middle East & Africa Osteoporosis Meeting will be held 7-9 December 2017. Expected to attract more than 1,000 delegates, the IOF Congress is a leading bone event in the Middle East and Africa and the leading educational and research forum for osteoporosis and related diseases. Dedicated to motivating people to take action to prevent, diagnose and treat the disease, it attracts regional and international experts and promotes an increasing awareness and understanding of osteoporosis.

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SIX IN TEN AMERICANS OPPOSE OBAMA | Gorilla treks Bwndi Uganda


Sixty-one percent of Americans oppose the Obama administration’s plans to accept up to 10,000 Syrian refugees into the United States over the next year, with 40% more specifically saying they strongly oppose the action. By comparison, four in ten (39%) support this plan, with 15% voicing strong support.

• Nearly two-thirds of Independents (65%) and eight in ten Republicans (80%) oppose accepting these refugees onto our shores (with 57% of Republicans opposing it strongly), while six in ten Democrats (59%) support the decision.

These are the results of The Harris Poll of 2,016 adults surveyed online between November 19 and 23, 2015.

This is not the first time Americans have voiced opposition to allowing foreign refugees in into the United States in some manner. A 1980 ABC News/Harris Poll found over six in ten Americans (63%) supported then-new restrictions on Cuban immigration. In the 1970’s, other Harris Polls found that nearly six in ten Americans (57%) were against a proposal to allow an additional 15,000 Indochinese refugees fleeing Communism into the United States and a 49% plurality were opposed to (vs. 37% in favor of) allowing 130,000 Vietnamese refugees to come to live in the United States. And just last week, results from a 1938 poll went viral, showing two-thirds of Americans (67%) opposed loosening immigration quotas to allow political refugees from Europe into the country.

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UGANDA TOURISM CALLED “WAR TORN AFRICA” | how to book gorilla permit


With the visit of Pope Francis just a day away now, Ugandans and country tourism stakeholders are waking up to news of being called names by America’s Fox News, which has broadcast that His Holiness is flying into “war torn Africa.”

Stereotypes of this nature were peaking when President Obama visited Kenya in July, with CNN topping the charts by calling Kenya a “Hotbed of Terror,” promptly triggering a massive counterattack on social media via the instantly coined hashtag #SomeoneTellCNN.

The same is now expected from Ugandans, and Kenyans for that matter, #SomeoneTellFoxNews, as both countries have been labeled what this particular, and many other American stations, continue to look at as a poverty-stricken, disease-riddled, war-torn and terror-struck continent, all of which in their view must be one country.

Uganda, singled out in recent years by such institutions as National Geographic as among the best places in the world to visit, with the Kidepo Valley National Park given CNN’s thumbs up as their choice of best national park in Africa and Lonely Planet’s repeated mention as among their top global destinations, has in fact, together with Rwanda, been one of the great stabilizers of regional security and been recognized as such by several global institutions.

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Carnival Corporation & plc today announced that its Princess Cruises brand has launched its second season in Singapore with Sapphire Princess. As the local and regional cruise industry gains momentum and expands rapidly, the line also announced that Diamond Princess will begin her first Singapore season in November 2016.

The cruising industry continues to grow quickly in Asia, and Princess Cruises strives to invest in the future of cruise travel in Asia markets, including Singapore, China, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Korea. Singapore is at the epicentre of this growth, leading the Southeast Asia region with a majority (60 per cent) of the economic impact from the cruise industry. As the principal turnaround port, Singapore also accounted for 68 per cent of total turnaround passenger visit days in Southeast Asia last year (Business Research and Economic Advisors, 2014).

Following a very successful inaugural homeport season with high customer satisfaction in 2014, Princess Cruises’ second homeporting season is set to attain the same level of success. Sapphire Princess sets sail from Singapore this evening on a five-day Thailand and Malaysia roundtrip calling at Kuala Lumpur (Port Klang), Penang and Phuket before returning to Singapore.

To better serve Singapore and Southeast Asia guests, both Sapphire Princess and Diamond Princess will have multi-lingual crew members in key guest-facing positions in their homeport seasons from Singapore. Local food has been added to dining room menus to complement the line’s international offerings. Specially-designed enrichment programmes and other amenities, such as the selection of retail stores and spa treatments, have also been tailored to suit local preferences.

Princess Cruises offers travellers meaningful and enriching vacation experiences by connecting them with each other, nature, different cultures and new foods. Guests can also look forward to Discovery at Sea, a special onboard programme created in partnership with Discovery Communications. The programme is based on top-rated Discovery network shows such as Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet and Science Channel, including Shark Week and Deadliest Catch.

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Frankfurt Airport has decked the halls of its passenger terminals with thousands of lights, Christmas trees and seasonal decorations – transforming the airport into a joyful winter wonderland. During the coming weeks, Frankfurt Airport will be celebrating the festive season with magical events, activities and music for passengers and visitors. The airport’s marketplaces and shops are filled with treasures and other gift ideas, while cafes and restaurants are serving up tasty holiday treats and drinks to get passengers into the Christmas spirit.

Special events include music from the singing Christmas angels who will provide a serene holiday feeling in the busy airport terminals. From November 30 to December 23, the angels will sing popular Christmas carols at various locations in the departures halls. On December 9, Lufthansa’s “Angels on Air” choir will present the most beautiful Christmas classics in Terminal 1’s Pier A-Plus at the atrium on Level 2 – with 45-minute concerts at 10:00, 13:00 and 15:00.

It does not always have to be a turkey with the trimmings for the holidays. Instead, from December 18 to 20 Frankfurt Airport staff will distribute Christmas rubber ducks to passengers, as part of a holiday photo contest. Passengers can participate by taking amusing pictures with their rubber duck and send them to email. The three most creative Christmas photo entries will each win a camera.

The festive cheer will also be present at the Heinemann Duty Free & Travel Value Shop at Pier A: Special guest and famous star chef Johann Lafer will create exquisite Christmas truffle specialties, which passengers can sample. Lafer’s mouth-watering chocolate truffle show will take place on November 26 from 14:00 to 16:00, on December 10 from 11:00 to 13:00, and on December 16 from 15:00 to 17:00.

Visitors can also celebrate the Christmas feeling outdoors at FRA when the Coca-Cola Christmas Truck arrives on December 13 to offer its entertaining stage program and various join-in activities with the Coca-Cola team and Santa Claus. It’s only a short walk to the Coca-Cola Christmas Truck, which will be parked from 14:30 to 19:30 at the P36 bus parking area opposite Arrivals Hall C (ground level).

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American Airlines no longer accepts Argentine pesos to pay for ticket purchases, the airline’s sales agents said on Wednesday. According to the local media, the new policy was due to currency controls that make it hard to convert receipts into US dollars.

“That’s the policy at this moment. It started two days ago,” said an American Airlines sales agent.

Asked how long the prohibition, which includes cash and credit and debit card payments in pesos, would last, the American Airlines ticket agent said, “We don’t know.”

American Airlines, however, will continue accepting payments from customers in Argentina made on foreign credit cards, the agent said. Local media reported that ticket sales made before the airline’s prohibition on Argentine cards would be honored.

The situation mirrors that in Venezuela where airlines have around $3.7 billion in ticket sales trapped because of the socialist nation’s 12-year-old currency control system, the International Air Transport Association said in June.

“Venezuela and Argentina are at the top of a list of misguided policies and decisions that we are engaging governments across the region to reverse,” IATA Chief Executive Officer Tony Tyler said in a speech to industry leaders in Puerto Rico earlier this month.

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