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Dozens of mails and messages received indicate that the Coast Water Services Board is once again employing crude methods to extract payment from water distributors in two counties, namely Kilifi and Mombasa. While these proverbial elephants now fight over who owes whom how much, have dozens of hotels, at a time when tourism has notably picked up, failed to draw water from their pipes.

The Mombasa Water Supply and Sanitation Company is said to owe CWSB in excess of 600 million Kenya Shillings while Kilifi and Malindi combined debt is reported to top 360 million Kenya Shillings.

It is understood from sources within the hotel industry at the coast that most resorts have paid their monthly water bills to their direct supplier, therefore feeling aggrieved and frustrated that their water supply has been cut.

The current action is a mirror image to what the Coast Water Services Board did in October last year, when even the county of Kwale was cut off before the intervention of a member of cabinet resolved the issue. That however seems to have been forgotten by the big wigs of the CWSB who willfully inflicted the same misery on tourists and coast residents this time again without seeking cabinet intervention themselves.

To make matters worse are schools, hospitals and health centres also reportedly affected by the move of the Coast Water Services Board. This prompted calls for criminal prosecutions against CWSB managers and board members, should patients die or diseases break out affecting schools as a result of the water supply to the county suppliers being cut.

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