COAST WATER SERVICES BOARD | mountain gorilla feeding


Dozens of mails and messages received indicate that the Coast Water Services Board is once again employing crude methods to extract payment from water distributors in two counties, namely Kilifi and Mombasa. While these proverbial elephants now fight over who owes whom how much, have dozens of hotels, at a time when tourism has notably picked up, failed to draw water from their pipes.

The Mombasa Water Supply and Sanitation Company is said to owe CWSB in excess of 600 million Kenya Shillings while Kilifi and Malindi combined debt is reported to top 360 million Kenya Shillings.

It is understood from sources within the hotel industry at the coast that most resorts have paid their monthly water bills to their direct supplier, therefore feeling aggrieved and frustrated that their water supply has been cut.

The current action is a mirror image to what the Coast Water Services Board did in October last year, when even the county of Kwale was cut off before the intervention of a member of cabinet resolved the issue. That however seems to have been forgotten by the big wigs of the CWSB who willfully inflicted the same misery on tourists and coast residents this time again without seeking cabinet intervention themselves.

To make matters worse are schools, hospitals and health centres also reportedly affected by the move of the Coast Water Services Board. This prompted calls for criminal prosecutions against CWSB managers and board members, should patients die or diseases break out affecting schools as a result of the water supply to the county suppliers being cut.

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Cologne Bonn Airport, where thriving passenger traffic passed the 10 million threshold in 2015, announces the arrival of its first new airline of the year, just weeks into 2016. Securing a new link to Moscow Vnukovo, Cologne Bonn is set to welcome airline partner Pobeda next month.

germanwings, which had operated the Moscow Vnukovo route for the last 10 years from Cologne Bonn withdrew from the sector last September after announcing plans to start Moscow Domodedovo this June, leaving a gap for Pobeda to operate to this particular Moscow airport with no direct competition.

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REUNION ISLAND TOURISM | Behavior of mountain gorillas


On January 15, Reunion Island was elected “first volcanic destination in the world” by travel community website WAYN, short for “Where are you now?” Other competing countries in the survey were Japan, Italy, and Iceland among others, which were neck on neck with Reunion.

Reunion Island is the first volcanic destination in the world according to the opinion of the members of the site Wayn, social network for travelers with over 23 million people in over 193 countries around the world. Nominated in the top 7 of the most beautiful volcanic destinations in the world, Reunion Island was pushing all the right buttons and was able to fire on all cylinders alongside other renowned international destinations such as the Philippines, Tanzania, Costa Rica, or Japan.

Reunion Island arrived in pole position and has won the title of first destination volcanic world with nearly a 1,000 vote difference ahead of Japan, which was ranked at second destination.

Already in 2013, Reunion Island was elected “most beautiful island in the world” by members of Wayn. Since then, Reunion Island has continued to gain fans from members of this influential social network dedicated to travelers worldwide. More than 7,000 members of WAYN claim to have already been to Reunion Island, and after the latest survey, some 273,000 more want to visit this French Indian Ocean island in the future.

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CHINESE NEW YEAR NIGHT PARADE | mountain gorilla feeding


Thirteen festive floats as well as 22 international and local performing troupes will take part in this year’s Chinese New Year Night Parade. The Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) has installed more decorations along the route in a bid to transform the streets of Tsim Sha Tsui into a big playground, allowing local residents and tourists the opportunity to experience the festive New Year atmosphere.

Organized by the Hong Kong Tourism Board, the Cathay Pacific International Chinese New Year Night Parade will be held on the first day of the Chinese New Year (February 8) in Tsim Sha Tsui. This will be the 21st staging and the theme will be “Playground of the World – Party of the Year.”

To allow more international visitors to experience the bustling and exciting atmosphere of the Chinese New Year, the HKTB will share the festivities with major international news and wire agencies. Additionally, the HKTB has for the first time invited a presenter from the BBC to board the HKTB parade float to experience and report on the parade first hand. The HKTB will also be co-operating with various trade partners to target short- and long-haul markets including Mainland China, Taiwan, South Korea and Canada to promote Hong Kong Chinese New Year themed tours and attract more visitors to spend their time in Hong Kong over the New Year.

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TATRA ICE DOME OPENING 2015 | mountain gorilla feeding


The biggest attraction of the winter season in the High Tatras – the Tatra Ice Dome, was reopened after a year again on November 27, 2015. Under the dome of Hrebienok, around 70 tons of ice from the Polish city of Wroclaw, has been transformed and used in a temple by seven sculptors for the last two weeks.

During the upcoming winter season 2015/16, the Ice Dome will host several wedding receptions, engagements, concerts and cultural events every Sunday.

Last year, this attraction was visited by 165,000 people. Moreover, the visit rate overcome the plan of 65,000 and the local citizens believe the rate record will be surpassed by this year, since around 200,000 of visitors are expected to visit this most popular attraction.

Patron of the church is St. John the Apostle and Evangelist, who is also the guardian of sculptors, and his statue is placed in the center of the main portal. It symbolizes and illustrates an activity of holding an eagle, a symbol of the High Tatras. There are also several baroque statues and angels.

Tatra Ice Dome will be open daily from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm during the peak of the winter season even longer with an entry to the interior free of charge.

The natives of High Tatras believe the ice temple could be admire by tourists until Easter, but of course, everything depends on the weather conditions and temperatures. The tourism statistics have been showing very positive visit rates in the last months and tourism traffic that have even surpassed the visit record since 2008, and I believe that the increase in the number of tourists also thanks to this newly-built attraction, “concluded the Mayor of High Tatras Jan Mokos, who likes the new ice dome still more and more and it increasingly resembles him a real temple.

By The Tatra Ice Dome opening ceremony, the official winter season 2015/2016 in the High Tatras was symbolically opened and all have goals and plans to make this winter season to be „Best of the Best“ with introductions of the new services and attractions.

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ONE OF THE LONGEST FLIGHTS IN THE WORLD | Behavior of mountain gorillas


In a major development for the tourism industry and India-US ties, Air India started direct flights today, December 2, 2015, linking Delhi with San Francisco, one of the most popular destinations in the US, with many tourist attractions. The nonstop flight runs just 5 minutes shy of 17 hours.

The San Francisco travel industry has been active in India and is one of the most popular destinations of the world and a major gateway for Indian travelers.

India is a very significant growth market for San Francisco travel. In 2014, the city witnessed 149,000 Indian travelers, and India ranks among the top 10 international markets, in terms of arrivals as well as spending per visitor.

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SIR ALBERT HOTEL | mountain gorilla feeding

Originally built in 1825, Sir Albert Hotel combines classical heritage qualities with contemporary architectural design, exquisite interior furnishings and green luxury. The former 19th century diamond factory is now a modern exclusive boutique hotel in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, situated next to the Museum Square facing the Rijks Museum. The Leidse Square and the capital’s famous canals are within walking distance.

Green Globe congratulates Sir Albert Hotel on its recent recertification in acknowledgement of its commitment to sustainable best practices.

The hotel prides itself on being part of the De Pijp district and places great emphasis on developing social and cultural networks. Sir Albert produces its own guidebooks that promote the unique aspects of the Quartier Latin culture of Amsterdam. Guests are encouraged to visit and support local shops, galleries, restaurants and businesses. And each day chefs creatively change menus using seasonal organic and eco-certified food sourced from regional suppliers.

Sir Albert’s Sustainability Management Plan is fully integrated in the entire company and its various departments. The engineering team is responsible for the maintenance of facilities and overseeing the preventative maintenance program in relation to energy consumption. The housekeeping team handles energy usage in guest rooms and maintenance issues concerning water leaks and plumbing. Due to its relatively small size, the hotel has ensured that all employees receive professional training in sustainability objectives and recently an in-house Green Team Trainer was appointed.

Sir Albert Hotel has implemented a comprehensive recycling and reuse system. The property has specially designated glass, cardboard and paper recycle bins for segregated sorting that also encourages guests to assist with environmental initiatives. In addition, most suppliers deliver products and food in crates and cases that are reused. Furthermore, profits raised through the recycling of mobile phones, cartridges and toners are donated to Stichting AAP, an organization that rescues and protects primates and exotic mammals.

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OIL FIRM WANTS TANZANIA FAVOURS | mountain gorilla feeding


“We understand that the nation needs tax revenues, but I think it is counterproductive to tax operations if by taxing them, they are delayed or made more expensive.Tthe returns from operations will dwarf any revenues that the country may make from the current tax regime and it is that we should be encouraging,” Dr. David Ridge, the Chief Executive Officer of Swala Oil and Gas

Dr. Ridge advised the government to be sensitive to the difficulties faced by the exploration and production companies.

Dr Ridge said although the oil and gas sector has had a steady growth over the years, the sector had already spent a fortune in the exploration and therefore, needs some consideration especially in the payment of taxes more so for those companies that have not yet made any discoveries.

“The oil industry has so far invested over $1 billion in exploring for oil and gas in Tanzania and not made anything like that in return,” he said.  A subsidiary, Swala Oil Tanzania, is presently exploring for crude on the mainland. Swala has a 50% equity in, and is operator of the Kilosa-Kilombero and Pangani licences.

He said that though he fully supported the government’s desire to encourage more investors into all sectors of the Tanzanian economy, there were already investors entrenched in the country like Swala ‘who should be looked after’ if others were to follow.

Dr Ridge said as a company listed on the Tanzanian Stock Exchange with a Tanzanian DNA, Swala desired to be treated as such over and above other ‘foreign’ companies.

He asked the government and the Tanzania Petroleum Development Authority (TPDC) to ease documentation and expedite processes, citing the current delays and the attendant red tape as the worst nightmare for the investors.

Swala is an affiliated company to Swala Energy Limited, a company in turn listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) .

Swala holds assets in the world-class East African Rift System with a total net land package in excess of 17,500 square kilometres.

New discoveries have been announced by the industry in a number of licences along this trend, including Ngamia and Twiga, which extend the multi-billion barrel Albert Graben play developed by Tullow Oil into the eastern arm of the rift.

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In celebration of its first 100 years, Boeing has partnered with several of the world’s top brands to offer aviation enthusiasts the opportunity to own heirloom-quality items inspired by the company’s rich history and bright, dynamic future.

Boeing’s centennial merchandise collection includes distinctive and high quality watches, heritage-inspired leather jackets, and collectible teddy bears, all reflecting the precision and innovation required of aerospace products.

An aerospace leader with more than 165,000 employees worldwide, Boeing will commemorate its 100th anniversary on July 15, 2016. For more information on Boeing’s centennial activities including events, educational exhibits, and inspirational and historic activities, go to

The Bremont Watch Company, founded by pilots and aerospace enthusiasts in 2002, is an award-winning British company producing beautifully engineered chronometers. The Boeing watch collection was developed to match the level of precision engineering for which Boeing is known and is crafted with some of the same metals used in Boeing aircraft.

Since 1913, Schott Leather has produced some of the world’s finest leather jackets, coats and motorcycle apparel. The history of Boeing and Schott began to align during World War II when Schott produced garments worn by pilots who flew Boeing-built aircraft. To celebrate the Boeing centennial, Schott has designed three high-end leather jackets inspired by three iconic leather military flight jackets: the B-3 Sheepskin bomber jacket featuring the B-17 Flying Fortress; the A-2 Cowhide flight jacket featuring the P-51 Mustang; and the G-1 Goatskin flight jacket featuring the F-4 Phantom.

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ANOTHER DAY OF TERROR FEAR IN BRUSSELS | mountain gorilla feeding


The Belgian Prime Minister, Charles Michel, told a press conference late Monday in Brussels that authorities in Brussels, Belgium, extended the highest-level terror alert into the week as they maintained their warning that Islamic State terrorists are planning to attack highly-populated areas like shopping malls and public transport.

The city’s schools and subway will be closed also on Tuesday before gradually reopening on Wednesday.

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