Mt.Elgon National Park Uganda

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Mt.Elgon National park Uganda is the shell of an ancient volcano.  Its highest peak, Wagagai, reaches 4321 m, making it the 4th highest peak in Africa.  Though much erosion has taken place, after millions of years of erosion the remaining oval shaped caldera now measures roughly 7 by 8 kms, one of the largest in the world.  This 1145 sq. kms park shares its eastern border with Kenya .

Mt.Elgon National park UgandaMt Elgon is found in the eastern part of Uganda and sits by the Kenyan borderland is the shell of an ancient volcano. The main attractions here are the waterfalls and caves that were once used by indigenous people, hot springs the mountainous vegetation, the various peaks, suam gorge and the caldera itself.

In the vicinity of Mt Elgon is the sipi falls, Uganda’s most romantic and beautiful water falls. It is the perfect place to relax and wander, exploring the many falls and caves. Excursions to climb Mgt Elgon to visit the rock painting or to go rafting on the Nile are natural extensions to a visit in the area.

The Bagisu and the Sabiny who practice circumcision every even year are the inhabitants of the area and will perform cultural dances upon request. June to August and December to March are the best times to visit the park since this is the dry period although you can also visit any season as it does not require any hiking equipments.

The park contains varied peculiar attractions of montane forests, bamboo, giant Lobelia, brilliant species of flowers, birds, bushbucks, antelopes, wild cats, rock hyrax, hyenas, caves, craters, gorges, the magnificent Sipi falls and many more.