1 Day Gorilla Trekking Tour Mgahinga Uganda

Book a 1 Day Gorilla Trekking Tour in  Uganda and visit the gentle jungle giants in their natural habitat in Mgahinga national Park. Secure a Gorilla permit at 600USD to trek  the  only Gorilla group in Mgahinga park. One Day Gorilla Safari Uganda is the cheapest and timely Gorilla Trekking and Gorilla Tracking Trip you can book in Africa

1 Day Gorilla Trekking Tour Mgahinga UgandaReserve a 1 Day Gorilla Tour Uganda to Mgahinga National Park and visit the jungle giants in their natural habitats for only a day . Trekking Gorillas in Mgahinga park is the easiest and cheapest  way to see them in Uganda. This Tour is carried out in Mgahinga Gorilla Park Uganda . The Gorilla Permits for the one Day Gorilla Safari Uganda and  can be purchased at UWA’s Offices in Kampala or Kisoro districts Uganda at least a week in advance.
1 Day Gorilla Tour Uganda in Mgahinga Park

Initially  our trained Safari Guide  from African treasures home, will collect you from your Hotel in Kigali and drive to Ruhengeri then cross Cyanika border connecting to Kisoro Uganda.
He  will drive to Mgahinga Gorilla National park Similar to Volcanoes National Park to Trek the jungle gentle giants in this Park.

1 Day GorillaTrekking  in Mgahinga National Park

1 Day Gorilla Trekking TourThe Trekking activity  starts at 8:00 am with a briefing from the UWA staff. Ensure to carry along with you rain jacket, drinking water, snacks, jungle boots, flash free camera, hiking stick. The game rangers will lead you inside the jungle to see the shy Primates of Nyakagezi gorilla group you have been booked for.

Trekkers can hire hiking sticks from the park’s Headquarters to give them support during the trekking process,. Along the way to the Gorillas, trekkers stand chances of encountering Golden monkeys.
After 1 – 5 hours of Trekking and seeing the Mountain gorillas, the Trekkers will return to Mgahinga Park Headquarters in Kisoro to be awarded certificates.

After the Gorilla trek, you will return to Kigali Rwanda via Cyanika border and connect to Ruhengeri and finally to Kigali arriving in the evening. Drop off will be at your preferred hotel or be dropped off at Kigali International airport for your late departure flight.

African Treasures Home offers  the following for the 1 Day Gorilla Tour Uganda safari ;

– Transportation with a 4 x 4 wheel drive
– 1 Gorilla permit at 600USD for high season, 450USD low season (April, May & November)
– Full board Accommodation
– Park entrance fees
– An English speaking Safari Guide.
But excludes International Airfare, visas (where applicable), laundry, beverages, tips and other personal expenses.
The suggested Packing list for 1 Day Gorilla Trekking Uganda includes;
-Trekking boots
-Long sleeved shirts
-A rain coat
-A jacket
-A flash free camera
-Insect repellents
-Trekking stick (can be hired at the trekked point)

For the 1 Day Gorilla Tour Uganda, I advise trekkers to apply for East Africa Tourist Visa via Rwanda Immigration Website or on arrival at Kigali International Airport. This Visa will help you access Rwanda and Uganda

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Musanze Cave Safari Rwanda

Musanze Cave Safari Rwanda is totally unavoidable venture for now to tour or visit Rwanda and hesitate to leave it out. Musanze caves were officially recognized as Tourism ASSET in Rwanda in 2013 and have since then become a must visit in Rwanda for a complete safari package.
Musanze Cave Safari Rwanda

Musanze caves

are located in Ruhengeri Northern Province of Rwanda in Musanze town. The cave is 2 kilometers long and was formed as a result of Cenozoic volcanic rocks. The caves were formed from lava basaltic layers from mount Bisoke and Mount Sabinyo. Musanze cave lies on the volcanic region where layers flows dating from 60 million years ago have created the great western arm of the East African rift valley which is one of the largest geographical features on earth.
Besides having 31 entries Musanze caves provide striking views of green vegetation and an ideal place for photo , Various breeds of bats found inside the caves and  the caves illustrates a picture of a house with several rooms and corridors which is very thrilling to explore. Musanze caves entrance exceeds ten kilometers wide with the inside having several side passages, its located at the mountain slopes of volcanoes national park therefore an appropriate place to visit after gorilla trekking in the park
Musanze Cave Safari RwandaThe Musanze caves not only acts as an asset but also very important to the local people in this area because they use it as a hiding place during the political chaos or war times in Rwanda, the cave floors are paved with stairs to make it easier for tourists to walk in the caves.The Musanze caves are also an important historical site to the geographers and geologists as they give understanding of the geological and geographical formation of the planet.
There are guides who will lead your tour to the caves, giving you information on how the rocks were formed upto the present day. The caves have got well established tourists walkways and trails leading you through the 2 kilometer cave.

Musanze Cave Safari can be supplemented with further tours like visiting the Buhanga Eco Park which was the coronation place for the Rwandan kings and also visit the twin lakes of Burera and Ruhondo, Tourists can decide to do gorilla trekking and have an unforgettable encounter with the gentle giants of the jungle.
Musanze caves can be accessed in 90 minutes drive from Kigali the capital of Rwanda and can be visited all year round but the best time is during the dry season of Jun to September and December to February.

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Hiking Mount Bisoke

Mount Bisoke is one of the peaks of virunga mountain ranges among the 8 volcanoes of the Virunga conservation region of East and Central Africa. The mountain stands at 3,711 meters high with a crater lake and beautiful vegetation that give beautiful scenery at the top. Hiking mount Bisoke is basically a 1 day tour or hike that requires good fitness and good health
Hiking Mount Bisoke

Mountain Bisoke

is among the peaks of the Virunga mountain ranges found along the border of Democratic republic of Congo and Rwanda located besides the Parc National de Vulcans in Ruhengeri  Northern Province of Rwanda. The hike in mount Bisoke necessitates one to move along steep slopes that are densely closed with the equatorial rain forest and some alpine meadows for around 4 hours to conquer the peak and 2 hours to slope down, however the experienced hikers take only 3hours to reach the top and 1 hour to slope down and this means hiking to the top of this mountain bisoke and back is a one day activity.
The hikes starts with a briefing followed by the hiking activity itself that starts at 8:00am, A porter can be taken or hired along if you like one and the hiking gears are provided at the park.
Hiking Mount BisokeA hike on mount Bisoke is not that tough but may be very hectic for the inexperienced hikers since the mountain is on a high elevation that necessitates climbers to have a lot of energy to climb and to walk through the whole excursion. Climbing to the top of this mountain can be a whole day adventure depending on your speed and the stops you make to the top but at the end of the day you will realize that the hike is worth the efforts.
Hiking Mount BisokeHiking mount Bisoke is among the exciting hiking adventures one can engage in on their next safari to Rwanda because it is not so tough though it requires some average level of fitness and good health. At the top of mountain Bisoke it really rewards with an incredible scenery over the vegetation and stunning views of Virunga massif.

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Boat Cruise Safari Murchison Falls Nationals Park

Boat cruise safari  is one of the most amazing and unpredictable tours along the Nile  in Murchison falls national park.Getting on a boat cruise to the bottom of Murchison Falls National Park is such a remarkable activity, It guarantees you sights of various bird species, hippos, feeding elephants, crocodiles, the mighty Murchison falls itself.


Boat Cruise Safari Murchison Falls Nationals ParkBefore the Boat cruise safari kicks off , some briefings are given to you plus life jacket as an emergency protection on the boat and a guide is on board in case of any inquiry or problem .There has never been any recorded tragedy during the so many cruises that have been done before, But has always been a good practice to make sure that tourists like you are safe during the boat cruise and therefore, great caution is always taken right before tourists get on board.
Boat Cruise Safari in Murchison falls national park has two shifts one starting from 9:00 am and another starts at 2:00 pm. The cruise takes around 2-3 hours depending calmness of the waters of the Boat Cruise Safari Murchison Falls Nationals ParkNile
The cruise is best in dry season because wild animals feed from shores of the falls giving good views of these wild animals like antelopes, elephants, among others
The Boat Cruise Safari is not a costly tour, the tour costs 30 dollars per person and low affordable costs for refreshment sold on the board


Boat Cruise Safari Murchison Falls Nationals ParkGreat wildlife viewing moments, wildlife animal are a must see as they feed on water especially in the dry season when there is no water in their habitats. This makes it a double chance of viewing animals and enjoying the cruise. View animals like antelopes hippos crocodiles elephants among others how ever not exactly that all no these will be there at the same time., A tour guide will be explaining the various animal habits of those that you see, how they feed, their weight, gestation period and so much more
Another interesting part of this cruise is it takes you to the area where Ernest Hemingway’s planes crushed. Hemingway and his wife visited Murchison Falls National Park for photography but their plane crushed. Another plan that came to their rescue barely took off and crushed too. Your safari guide will narrate this to you when you close in to this spot.
Boat Cruise Safari Murchison Falls Nationals ParkMeet the spectacular Murchison falls, this is pivot of this venture feel the splashing waters of the falls , take memorable photos with the falls as the background take a brief hike along the top hills of Murchison falls, get fresh breath from the cool falling waters rainbow views among others. The whole activity is just enjoying nature, interacting with other people from different parts of the wold
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1 Day Kampala City Tour

1 Day Kampala City Tour is one of the Short Uganda tours that offers an opportunity of viewing the heart of Uganda in only one day. visit different areas that make up Kampala as a capital city of Uganda like cultural sites,  main trading centers, academic centers, colonial establishments local and modern hotels among others.

Kampala as the capital city of Uganda

1 Day Kampala City Touris situated in the central region of Uganda in Kampala district. The city is however  not as highly developed  compared to some developed cities in the world like Paris London New York among others but has lots of amazing set ups, infrastructures like malls, hotels with local packages like meals, local dances among others, pre-colonial establishments, different tribes with in the city and around the suburbs with different life styles among others which makes it an inquisitive venture or tour.
kampala city has got differnt areas that make a 1 Day Kampala City Tour an awesome venture.

Kabaka’s palace(Lubiri)
1 Day Kampala City TourThe palace is located along Mengo hill and it is basically the largest and one of the oldest kingdoms in Uganda. The Lubiri as it is commonly known in the local language is a magnificent, historical piece of architectural art that peers out through the normally blue skies on top of Mengo hill and the capital of the reigning king of Buganda. Customary every new king has a right to choose a hill on which to build his palace and rename it. However the reigning King chooses not to live here much because of the much blood that was spilled and his father having been attacked here
The palace has a ceremonial house called ‘twekobe’ which has been recently modified during kabaka’s jubilee and it is enclosed with in a fence covering hectares of land.The palace has different amazing features like A clear straight road lined with old candle nut trees locally known as “Kabaka Anjagala” literally translating in the king loves me. The trees which were imported from Indian derive their local name from the local subjects whom Kabaka sir Fredrick Mutesa donated these trees to and they would go home bragging “Kabaka Anjagala Yampadde no mutti” Translated the King loves me he even gave me a tree. That connects the palace to bulange (Buganda parliament). There were 56 of these trees representing the 52 clans which Kabaka Mutebi increased by dividing the big ones.
A traditional fire source that has never burnt out since the inception of the Buganda Kingdom and shall never stop burning least a king is dead,The architectural design of this building has proven a spectacular Uganda tour site to many local and international visitors.
The Kabaka’s Lake:

1 Day Kampala City TourThis is the largest man-made lake in Uganda located in Ndeeba, Rubaga Division Kampala City, Uganda. It is between Ring Road and Nabunya Road. The lake is a few minutes drive from Bulange and about 5 km from the Kampala City centre. The lake was made by Kabaka Mwanga and was suppose to connect to Lake Victoria as an escape route for the Kabaka in case of any attack to the throne but was not finished and only remained as a royal lake near the palace which is home to some birds and least a fishing sport as well as a leisure to many.

Kasubi Tombs:

1 Day Kampala City TourThis is a traditional burial place for the kings of Buganda, a tribal group in Uganda. It is located on Kasubi hill in Kampala which is in the capital of Uganda. Kasubi was formerly known as Nabulagala. It was the largest grass thatched structure in the world and the burial place to several befallen Kabakas/ Kings of the Buganda Kingdom. Once finished to its former glory, we will put it back on our schedule of places to visit in Kampala.
Makerere university:

1 Day Kampala City TourIs Uganda’s largest and third-oldest institution of higher learning, first established as a technical school in 1922. In 1963, it became the University of East Africa, offering courses leading to general degrees from the University of London. It became an independent national university in 1970 when the University of East Africa was split into three independent universities: University of Nairobi (Kenya), University of Dar es Salaam (Tanzania), and Makerere University. Its one of the universities under the management of the government of uganda and offers avarieties of education servicfes  to  both the citzens and foreigners

Namirembe cathedral:

1 Day Kampala City TourThis brick red dome is an Anglican cathedral and is also the oldest. The cathedral is also known as the st Paul’s cathedral. It was built in 1890 on the Namirembe/Mengo hill one of the major hills of the Kampala city which rises out of the Kampala pollution. If you tour Uganda then you should visit this dome that was originally built in 1903 by Buganda Kingdom Craftsmen as a large Grass thatched cathedral that was soon burnt down/ struck down by lightning but was replaces by the present doom structure.This beautiful structure sited on a hill where you can over see Kampala central, it offers a fascinating view for both local and foreign visitors

Rubaga Cathedral
1 Day Kampala City TourThe oldest Catholic Cathedral in Uganda, like Namirembe Cathedral overlooks the city and is a large complex that takes in various functions of the church and surrounded by beautiful trees plus flowers. It is also situated on a hill with a great scenery view on top of the amazing cathedral structure from here one has a great view over Kampala town-Uganda`s capital.
Baha’i Temple

1 Day Kampala City TourThis being the only Baha’i Temple in Africa makes Uganda a prime tour and safari destination to many tourists.It is located on Kikaaya-a hill also overseeing Kampala. It is a beautiful park like ground with lots of beautiful trees most of them fruit tree species plus flowers as well as a green-carpet like grass with clean clear gazetted paths leading to the dome. This park like environment attracts many people who sit on the grass and have a peaceful moment or hold picnics not forgetting couples in love who flock this place for quality time.
Uganda Martyrs Shrine Namugongo
1 Day Kampala City TourThis is the biggest religious and cultural sites in Uganda drawing many travelers from Africa and all over the world to undertake safaris to Uganda especially on 3rd of June every year. The shrine is the place where a total of 32 young Ugandan Christian coverts were martyred on denial to condemn the new religion by then (Christianity) which was out spreading at fast rate in Uganda the pearl of Africa. This annoyed the Kabaka of Buganda by then King (Kabaka Mwanga II,) and he decided to order his loyalties to execute or murder the 32 young men who refused to denounce their religion.There unique architecture of the temple of worship in this place is yet a great tour destination. This is a must see place!!!.

The Central trading centers

1 Day Kampala City TourKampala city central business area has centers where business is at its climax, it consists of  the upper side comprised of the upper class shopping malls, less congested, organized. Here are corporate Banks, insurance companies, Major Forex bureaus, Casinos, star Hotels and all important Government organs like the parliament and ministries.

1 Day Kampala City TourThe down side business area(down town) where the average income earners majorly shop.its too busy and congested with cheaper guest houses, Forex bureaus, restaurants and open eating places, and here you will find the famous Owino Market – the largest 2nd hand clothing market in Africa1 Day Kampala City Tour, the Taxi Park-an amazing site in itself and the hub of Kampala Transport with hundreds of mini-vans jostling in and out plus the Nakasero Food, fruits and Vegetable Market.




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