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Looking for a one of the best tour operating companies in Uganda, Rwanda,DR Congo safaris and other Africa countries that will suit your very desires with all necessary requirements in  the tourism industry

Best Tour Operating Companies in UgandaNo doubt Africa Treasures Home is not only among the best Best Tour Operating Companies in Uganda but offer all short,intermediate and long safaris for example gorilla trekking safaris, Gorilla habituation safaris, chimpanzee tracking safaris, Bird watching, Fishing Safaris, mountain climbing along mountains like mount Rwenzori mt sabinyo mt Bisoke  among others, golden monkey tracking Game viewing, Rhino tracking among others

These safaris are done in popular recognized national parks in all the three countries for-example Murchison Falls National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park,Bwindi Forest National park, kidepo national park, kibale forest national park, Mgahinga national park, vol canoe national park, virunga national park, Ziwa Rhino sanctuary, Akagera national park, among others

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Activities in Lake Bunyonyi

Lake Bunyonyi is one of the endowed water body with fresh waters, moderate temperatures and ever changing climate from cool temperatures in mornings to warm in the evening, the beautiful scenery that is characterized by the flourishing green terraced hills and the breathtaking 29 Islands that are scattered transversely in the central part of the water
Activities in Lake BunyonyiThe name Bunyonyi means “little birds” and the lake is found in the South Western part of Uganda lying between Kisoro and Kabale and is close to the Rwandan border. It is Uganda’s deepest lake with a varying depth between 44m and 900m, a width of 7km and 25km long. With this Lake Bunyonyi is also said to be the second deepest lake in Africa lying on an altitude of about 1962meters above sea level.

Activities that can be done at lake Bunyonyi include;

Bird watching in Lake Bunyonyi

Activities in Lake BunyonyiIn accordance to its very name birds are a must watch. It has an enormous assemblage of bird species which makes bird watching a key activity. This lake is home to over 200 species of birds that have been recorded. Cruising into the Nyombi swamp will enable you to see a collection of assorted bird species. These comprise of the home based species as well as those that have crossed over from International borders particularly during winter seasons in those countries. Some of the birds you get to see include; the herons, weaver birds, the grey crowned cranes, egrets, levillant cuckoo and the slender-billed baglafetch among countless others.

Canoeing and boat rides in Lake Bunyonyi

Activities in Lake BunyonyiCanoe is a mean used on water to move around the several islands along Lake Bunyonyi ,along the Canoe you get to know the story behind each of them take for example the Akampene (Punishment Island) where the Kiga brought their unmarried girls whom they found pregnant, these would be forsaken and left for dead. You can make a selection of renting your own canoe or opting for a guided tour on a motorized and or non-motorized canoe. The choice is yours! Alternatively, the night rides are said to be more spectacular and fascinating for the reason that the waving waters, the alluring sound of the crickets and singing night-time birds make the journey nonetheless electrifying.

Swimming in Lake Bunyonyi

Being a free lake from Bilharzia Bunyonyi is in good condition for this health rewarding activity, Putting aside the fact that Bunyonyi has fresh waters that are serene and lucid, Another assuring advantage for the swimmers out there is that it is free of any kind of dangerous wildlife like the man eating crocodiles and hippopotamus. However, all good things come with a caution or even still, a price to pay especially to the inexperienced swimmers out there, beware of the depth lest you be trapped under.

Hiking and Nature walks in Lake Bunyonyi

Hike around Lake Bunyonyi on foot with orwithout local guideswho can be hired to lead you to explore through the highlands of Kigezi or even on the islands while on foot where you are sure to have yourself a stunning sight of the landscapes and a variety of wildlife like the zebras, monkeys, forest tree plantations and otters that can be spotted in the waters among others. You can also go hiking through the ancient Echuya Forest with an expert tour guide.

Community walks in Lake Bunyonyi

Activities in Lake BunyonyiThere is beauty in knowing about a place but the true beauty is in getting to know about the people living there because these are the heartbeat of that place and who knows how life without them would be like. Check out the many settlements and get insights about the lifestyle and cultures of the locals who will probably be easy to identify by their kangas (multi-colored wear). What’s more, you can visit the Batwa, a tribe of pygmies who are the original inhabitants of the country. These survive on inviting tourists into their community because they are facing the consequences of dispossession of their land by the government to build the Echuya Forest Reserve. Here they get to perform traditional folk songs and dances for their guests.

Cultural Heritage and Historical beliefs in Lake Bunyonyi

Activities in Lake BunyonyiYou cannot say you have been to Bunyonyi if you haven’t found your way to any of the black smith sites. Here, you can have souvenirs made for you by the gifted locals who use it as a way to earn a living. Also get a chance to see the way the locals make their farm equipment from the hoes to the machetes and many more. In addition, you can get to stopover at the Bakiga Cultural Museum, a replica of a complete Bakiga homestead built in 2002 by Festo Karwemera a known elder of Kabale and a famous fighter for the language and culture of the Bakiga. There is also a village called Bufuka where tourists are welcome to experience the cultures of the Bakiga and the Batwa. While there, they can get to join in on the proceedings of the locals like weaving, dancing and singing. There are also some shrines and local medicine men on the hills of Kagalama that will further reveal to detail more about the historical beliefs of the local people.

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Game Drive Safaris

Game Drive Safaris

are ventures that involve driving through the park while viewing various animals species under the supervision of a game ranger who gives detailed information of any animal of your request. It is basically done in game tracks that are very suitable and well maintained for tourists or visitors to have a wonderful and amazing venture in game parks
Game Drive SafarisThe best timing for game drives is in the morning hours where more high chances of viewing most animals while leaving their habitats.Game drives can also be carried out in the late afternoon as the animals are constructing their homes and here you can also see many animals. This is an interesting activity that tourists enjoy as they take photographs of different animals that are unique and some that are only found in Uganda.
Game Drive Safarisvarious wild animals that can be viewed include the elephants, leopards, giraffes, zebras, antelopes, buffaloes, lions, cheetahs, baboons, birds, Uganda Kob and so many other animals. Game Drive SafarisThis is done in different National Parks like Kidepo Valley, Murchison Falls, Queen Elizabeth, Lake Mburo, and Semuliki among others. uganda being endowered with wild animals in abundancy makes game drive safari a beautiful amazing and wonderful  experience one has to see

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Rwanda Genocide Memorial Tours

Rwanda Genocide Memorial Tours enables you to meet the commemorations put in place to rewind for you the incidences of the 1994 genocide in Rwanda,The genocide led to over one million people loose their lives and it is believed that this war happened for about 100 days.

Rwanda Genocide Memorial Sites have exhibits of remains, photographs, and personal belongings like clothing, shoes, and others of the genocide victims.These sites include the following below
Murambi Genocide Memorial site:
Rwanda Genocide Memorial ToursThis site established on the grounds of former Murambi technical school near Murambi town and is the one of the most difficult memorial to visit because of the bodies and skeletons of genocide victims are threateningly displayed. It is easy to recognize and identify a survivor if indeed they were a relative or friend. Tutsi were advised to hide in the technical school where they were trapped after gathering there, they had no food and were attacked by the militia. The site has several mass graves with former classrooms acting as exhibition rooms.
It’s acknowledged that about to 2700 individuals were slaughtered at this school. Since this genocide ended this place was deserted and the natives settled in others places. Several corpses up to date are being preserved and no one is permitted to distract these sites. Due to the fast developing tourism industry in Rwanda, this school has been refurbished and is currently an exhibition. The Tourists that have visited this area also get free information regarding the intriguing history of the country.
some survivors and natives around the site will narrate to you their disheartening experience during the genocide

Nyamata genocide memorial center
Rwanda Genocide Memorial ToursThis is a former church located 30 km south of Kigali in Bugesera, Nyamata genocide memorial site has 25,000 Rwanda genocide victims buried here. This is one of the more dark sites in Rwanda after Murambi genocide memorial
It is unfortunate that many Tutsi people gathered here considering it a safe sanctuary because previously churches were seen as safe places. Little did they know that this building was a pure death trap as opposed to life. The Tutsi’s had locked themselves up in the church seeking safety but were shocked when Hutu militias forced open the doors open with hand grenades and reigned on them with machetes. You will find clothes and national ID cards of the dead victims on the church pews with blood spread all over the place. The alter cloth is still stained with blood from the massacre of the several victims. Outside the church are mass graves for your visits.Today the church continues to be in place as a memento of the 1994 Genocide.
Kigali Genocide Memorial Center
Rwanda Genocide Memorial ToursThe Kigali genocide memorial site is a 10 minutes’ drive from the city center in Gisozi. It is the final resting place of 250,000 Rwandans killed in the genocide. It is run by AEGIS, a UK Non Governmental Organisation committed to stop genocides from happening around the world. The center has different exhibit places with space of skulls of survivors and their personal belongings, photographs of survivors, reconciliation efforts, and genocide perpetrators. Another space has photographs and descriptions of genocides that have happened around the world showing that this indeed is not a Rwandan problem but a world problem that should never happen again. Outside the building, there is a garden and different mass graves where survivors and those who lost loved ones can come to ‘re-connect’. This can be included on your itinerary while on the Kigali city tour because of its location near the city center.

Nyanza Genocide Memorial
Rwanda Genocide Memorial ToursNyanza genocide memorial located on the grounds of Kigali’s Ecole Technique Officielle in Kicukiro district – Kigali city . This often acts as the grounds for the genocide anniversary commemorations which happen yearly in April. It holds the graves of more than 10,000 genocide victims abandoned by the Belgian UN peacekeeping forces as the genocide intensified. The UN forces left these Tutsi’s in the hands of their massacres by not airlifting them to the safety they themselves were going, a sad story of bureaucracy.
Ntarama Memorial site
This genocide site is located about 30 kilometers from Kigali in Bugesera. it is an hour drive from Kigali city. Approximately 5000 people were murdered within the church in the war. Several People had gone to seek refuge there since it was the sole safe place to be. Several people were murdered mostly women and children. Since the genocide, this church was not tampered with and today it is a display site.
Nyarubuye genocide memorial site

It is located 140 km from Kigali is Catholic Church where 2000 Rwandan were killed. It is said that Sylvestre Gacumbitsi the then mayor of the district was involved in distributing arms and encouraging Hutu’s to use rape and later maim and kill the Tutsi’s. Unlike Ntarama and Nyamata genocide memorial sites, Nyarubuye was restored into a church and is currently used by people in the area with the memorial center adjacent to the church.

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Hiking mount Karasimbi

Hiking at mount Karasimbi  is a rewarding and an amazing hike along an elevation of about 4507 m above sea level. The hike takes two days on highest of the eight major volcanoes of the Virunga field and the 5th highest in Africa.

Mountain Karisimbi

is located along the border between Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda on the western branch of the African Rift valley. It derived its name word ‘amasimbi’ in Kinyarwanda which means “white shell”, referring to the white-capped summit which is often seen on top of this volcano. It is flanked by Mikeno to the north, Bisoke to the east and Nyiragongo to the west, on the other side of the Rift Valley. The mountain is situated in Volcanoes national park popularly known for the mountain gorillas.
Hiking at mountain Karasimbi is strenuous and very rewarding hike, it is normally done as a complement to gorilla trekking and all done within Volcanoes National Park. The climb starts early in the morning taking 6 hours and involves navigating through the Bisoke side before reaching the first stopping place at an altitude of 3,700 metres for overnight camping before finishing off the journey the next day.
Hiking at mountain Karasimbi is made impressive by the sights of several bird varieties, primates like monkeys and Gorillas since the volcano lies in the primates’ park of Parc National des Volcans (Volcanoes national park). It is also known for its exotic plants in its four belts of vegetation, from the dense forest at its base to the barren volcanic core at the summit.

For a relatively good hike a health body and stamina to hike through the slippery slopes to reach the summit which is white capped as a result of hail and sleet which accumulate in the higher elevations from its frequent storms. This implies that one may have to incur an extra cost of hiring a porter ($20 per day) to help in carrying your luggage and hiking equipment.

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7 Days Double trek Gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda

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Gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda ,Double trek gorillas in Volcanoes Park Rwanda then connect to Bwindi forest gorilla park Uganda for amazing experience in seven days.

This Tour can begin from either Entebbe international Airport and end in Kigali Airport or start from Kigali Airport and end in Entebbe Airport.

DAY 1- Transfer to KIBALE NATIONAL PARKS –Evening bigodi cultural walk

From your Hotel, after breakfast, our guide will pick you up and transfer to Kibale forest via Mitiyana-Mubende road. Lunch at Fort portal and continue to Kibale forest. Meals and overnight at Ndali Lodge (luxury), Kibale safari lodge/Kibale forest camp safari tents (Medium class accommodation), Kibale forest camp tent/Kibale guest house (budget)

DAY 2- Morning Chimpanzee tracking
After morning breakfast, you will go for chimpanzee tracking spends about 2-4 hours in the forest. Meals and overnight at Ndali Lodge (luxury), Kibale safari lodge/Kibale forest camp safari tents (Medium class accommodation), Kibale forest camp tent/Kibale guest house (budget)

DAY 3- Transfer to Bwindi forest
Morning after breakfast; you will be transferred to Bwindi gorilla forest arriving in the evening. Dinner and overnight at Buhoma lodge/ Bwindi lodge /Gorilla safari lodge (luxury), Silver back lodge/Nshongi gorilla resort/Gift of nature lodge/ nkuringo cottages (mid-range), Buhoma Community Bandas / Bwindi view Bandas /Nkuringo campsite /Virunga Hotel/Gorilla valley lodge /trekkers tervan (Budget accommodation)

DAY 4- Gorilla trekking
Begin the day with breakfast ready for trekking, which begins at 8:00 am with a briefing from the park guides. They will lead you inside the jungle to see the shy Primates for a group you have been booked for. There are now only 650 left in the world! The tracking may take between 2 and 6 hours but it’s well worth the effort. Lunch at your hotel, in evening you may have a cultural traditional dance from the local people. Dinner and overnight at Buhoma lodge/ Bwindi lodge /Gorilla safari lodge (luxury), Silver back lodge/Nshongi gorilla resort/Gift of nature lodge/ nkuringo cottages (mid-range), Buhoma Community Bandas / Bwindi view Bandas /Nkuringo campsite /Virunga Hotel/Gorilla valley lodge /trekkers tervan (Budget accommodation)

DAY 5- Transfer to Rwanda
After breakfast, drive to Kisoro and cross the Uganda border to Ruhengeri in Rwanda. Dinner and overnight at Mountain gorilla view lodge (luxury), Le Bambou gorilla lodge/Snow hotel (mid-range), and Kinigi Guest House / Muhabura lodge budget).

DAY 6- Gorilla Tracking in Pac De Volcanoes
After early morning breakfast and briefing from the authorities of the park. With packed lunch and water set off for the trekking into the rain tropical forest searching for the habituated Mountain gorilla family. You remain close to the beautiful primates for over one hour, for observation and photography. Dinner and overnight at Mountain gorilla view lodge (luxury), Le Bambou gorilla lodge/Snow hotel (mid-range), Kinigi Guest House/ Muhabura lodge (budget).

DAY 7-Transfer to Kigali-Rwanda/ Kampala-Uganda
Morning at leisure, after breakfast, drive to Kigali Airport Rwanda or to Kampala have lunch on the way arriving in the evening.

The safari package includes:
• Transportation by a 4wd vehicle
• Full board accommodation
• 1 Chimpanzee permit
• 2 Gorilla tracking permit per person to be secured and paid for in advance. Rwanda cost   750$ and for Uganda cost 600$/450$
• Bigodi cultural walk
• Park fees
• Full time English speaking Driver/guide.
• En route lunches
• Airport transfers.
The package excludes expenses of personal nature like: Visa, drinks, laundry, tips to local guides, telephone, personal insurance, tobacco etc.



3 Days Safari to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

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Gorilla trekking safaris, Uganda tracking tours, permit bookings, group budget safaris and luxury Uganda  tours and trips to bwindi jungle.

Day 1

The safari begins and ends from Kampala or Entebbe At 8:00 am you are picked from your hotel or residence. Drive to Mbarara (283km from Kampala) via Masaka. Make a first stop over at Equator crossing for snacks and photography. Lunch break is made at Regency Hotel or Agip Motel Mbarara. After lunch, drive to Bwindi. This is the lushest highland rain forest on earth, filled with primates and birds, valleys, hills and swamps filled with papyrus. You can also spend your afternoon having a walk around the village and seeing the local communities living around the park. Dinner and over night at either the Gorilla resort Uganda safari lodge/ Mantana Tented Camp (High end/luxurious accommodation), or Lake Kitandara Tented Camp/ Buhoma Homestead (Medium class accommodation) or the Community Banda’s (Low budget/basic accommodation).

Day 2

Have an early breakfast and get ready for trekking, which begins at 8:00 am with a briefing from the UWA staff. Ensure to carry along with you rain jacket, drinking water, snacks, jungle boots etc The guides will lead you inside the jungle to see the shy Primates for a group you have been booked for. Do not forget to take your lunch boxes and all the necessary gear to track the rare Mountain Gorilla, perhaps one of the most exciting wildlife experiences on earth. Tracking may take between 2 to 6 hours but its well worth the effort. Dinner and over night at either the Gorilla resort, Mantana Tented Camp (High and luxurious accommodation), or Lake Kitandara’s Tented Camp/ Buhoma Homestead (Medium class accommodation) or the Community Banda’s (Low budget/basic accommodation).

Day 3

Have an early breakfast and drive to Kampala, then Entebbe, with lunch enrooted and stop over at the drum makers arriving Kampala early evening.
Approximate distance from Kampala is 550 Kms.
Approximate transit time is 9-10 Hrs.

This safari package includes:

  • Transportation by a 4wheel drive vehicle
  • Full board accommodation
  • One Gorilla permit per person to be secured and paid for well in advance
  • Park fees
  • An English speaking Driver/guide.
  • Meals
  • Airport transfers

The package excludes expenses of personal nature like: Visa, drinks, laundry, tips to local guides, telephone, porter fee while trekking.

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